Emery has been 100% referral based since 2001, so it is our goal to earn your business and referrals for life. Choosing the right lender means more than simply finding the lowest quote on a 30 year fixed. As your needs change, we will stay in contact and monitor your most important asset in order to provide you with the products that best suit your needs which may warrant reviewing many other types of loans. We opened our business in May 1993 and have been in the same location in Newport Beach ever since. We have grown to be the largest dollar volume broker in the United States since 2010. Emery has closed over 61,000 loans, totaling more than 21.3 billion dollars in “A” paper mortgages. We have 3 offices (Newport Beach, San Ramon and San Diego) covering the entire state of California. Our powerful team, has included fourteen of the top-producing 200 (and six of the top-producing 50) loan officers in the country. Our uniquely talented sales and experienced operations team, along with our size, reputation and technology, have allowed the firm to leverage its lender relationships to secure the lowest rates and most competitive products in the industry. Emery’s primary focus has always been on financial education and delivering the best client experience in the industry. Our customers and referral partners have always come first which is why we’ve averaged 989 million per year for 22 years. Additionally, we’ve always had a remarkable relationship with our community and our “first responder” hero’s. We’ve done over 6,000 loans for California fire fighters and over 2,000 loans for California law enforcement. Finally, we are a sponsor of the for Susan G. Komen, Stand Up for the cure here in Newport Beach.